Prior to recommending surgery, your podiatrist will assess your ingrown toenail and discuss any factors that may affect your suitability of surgery. For the majority of people suffering from an ingrown toenail, surgery is a safe, quick and painless procedure. See the steps below to fully understand how we perform the surgery.

You’re able to walk immediately afterwards.

Open toe shoes/sandals or thongs are recommended so there’s no pressure on the surgical site following the procedure.

We recommend you don’t drive for 12 hours following administration of the local anaesthetic. Please make plans to get a lift home with someone following the procedure.

Go directly home following the procedure and rest with your leg elevated for the remainder of the day. Keep your foot higher than your heart if you can, so lie on a bed with the foot elevated to reduce swelling and pain.

Excessive walking (e.g. walking for exercise) is discouraged in the first week postoperatively. Please discuss with your podiatrist your individual return to sport/exercise recommendations.

Tight fitting sports or dress shoes are discouraged in the first 3-4 weeks following the procedure. Remember to bring an open-toed shoe on the day of the procedure.

Please see FAQ for more information.


You will be advised to return for 2-3 appointments in the 2 weeks following the procedure for review, cleaning of the toe and re-dressings with sterile dressings.

Following the final re-dressing, you can care for the toe at home until it has completely healed. We will show you how to re-dress the toe yourself and provide you with a dressing pack.

A final check will be recommended at 3 months and then 6 months after the minor surgical procedure.

Important information:
This information is aimed as only an initial guide. This does not replace an in-depth discussion with a question and answer session that is carried out during a consultation. We recommend a consult to allow all aspects of the ingrown toe nail issue to be discussed including the risks of the surgery.

We are located inside BRINDABELLA PODIATRY in Tuggeranong. If you would like more information or advice regarding your ingrown toenail, please email or call and ask to speak with a Podiatrist. We look forward to solving your ingrown toenail problem.