Our Team

Welcome to Canberra Ingrown Toenail Clinic – We are podiatrists, passionate about providing individualised advice and the most effective treatment options for ingrown toenails. We offer non-surgical and minor-surgical options to suit each individual and condition. Our podiatrists pride themselves on providing immediate and permanent solutions so that you can get on with your life. All we do it feet, so we know how to fix them. Meet our amazing team!

Melanie Green

Melanie graduated from La Trobe University in Victoria in 1995 and has worked in all aspects of Podiatry including, ingrown toenail surgery, high-risk foot clinics and with professional sporting teams. Melanie has a special interest in preventative health for all aspects of Podiatry- addressing potential problems before they become chronic, specifically, painful ingrown toenails. Melanie loves to run and therefore has a special interest in treating the lower limb problems that may arise from running. She often treats runners and athletes who experience painful ingrown toenails due to shoe trauma while running.

Lydia Kim

Lydia graduated with a Bachelor of Podiatry (Hons) from Queensland University of Technology. She likes to explore and explain all of the options available for ingrown toenails, starting with home remedies and education on toenail cutting techniques. For more complex cases, she will go through the conservative measures that can be implemented quickly and easily during the consultation. If your ingrown toenail is deemed to be severe or persistent, Lydia will provide all of the information you require to consider having toenail surgery at Canberra Ingrown Toenail Clinic. If you are suffering from ingrown toenails, Lydia invites you to come and share your story and she will ensure you receive a management plan specifically tailored to your unique toenail problem.

Jessica Laws

Jessica Laws is a passionate & dedicated podiatrist and has been practicing for over 10 years after completing her degree at Charles Sturt University. Prior to this Jessica worked as a Registered Nurse in Emergency Departments and served as a Nursing Officer in the Australian Army where she deployed overseas.

She has worked in a variety of settings over the years including private practice, community health and high-risk podiatry.

Jessica has a passion for biomechanical analysis on all variety of patients including sports, paediatric, geriatric and occupational health conditions. She is also extremely experienced at foot health & pain assessments where she combines her skills as a registered nurse and podiatrist to provide a holistic level of care.

Outside of her professional life, Jessica combined her passion for cycling which has seen her win 8 World Track Championships and 2 World Best times with being a mother and wife. Other sporting accolades include representing Australia at two UCI World Track Cups & Oceania Championships, twice Australian Masters Track Cyclist of the Year and the Victorian Sport Masters Athlete of the Year. She is also a Level One Cycling Coach. Now retired from competitive cycling, she enjoys running, golf, watching her son play rugby and spending time with her family.

We are located inside BRINDABELLA PODIATRY in Tuggeranong. If you would like more information or advice regarding your ingrown toenail, please email or call and ask to speak with a Podiatrist. We look forward to solving your ingrown toenail problem.