If the toenail is not too ingrown, it may be treated conservatively during a regular consultation. Sometimes there is a corn under the nail that may be causing the pain and the podiatrist can remove the offending nail/corn and discuss a management plan to prevent it occurring again. The non-surgical treatment of ingrown toenails is generally not too painful but if you would like a local anaesthetic this can be provided for you. If you have been suffering with a re-occurring ingrown toenail, please discuss the surgical option with your podiatrist so that you can consider a more permanent solution. We generally say that if it comes back two or more times, it’s likely to reoccur again and again.

We are located inside BRINDABELLA PODIATRY in Tuggeranong. If you would like more information or advice regarding your ingrown toenail, please email or call and ask to speak with a Podiatrist. We look forward to solving your ingrown toenail problem.