Non-Surgical Treatment

During the treatment we remove the ingrowing nail using a non-surgical approach. This can be done during a regular half hour consultation and you will generally feel immediate relief.

For re-occurring ingrown nails, you may need regular treatments here or speak to your podiatrist about a permanent solution, a Partial Nail Avulsion (PNA).

Surgical Treatment

Surgery is recommended when an ingrown toenail repeatedly becomes painful and/or infected, and when other conservative treatments have proved unsuccessful. The most common procedure we perform, a Partial Nail Avulsion (PNA), involves the painless removal of the offending portion of the nail. In most cases, a chemical (phenol) is used to help with preventing regrowth of the removed section of nail. We also perform Total Nail Avulsions (TNA) when the whole nail needs to be removed.

We are located inside BRINDABELLA PODIATRY in Tuggeranong. If you would like more information or advice regarding your ingrown toenail, please email or call and ask to speak with a Podiatrist. We look forward to solving your ingrown toenail problem.