Dear Valued Clients,

👣We have been getting a lot of calls to see if we are still open and YES WE ARE and classified as an ESSENTIAL SERVICE👣

We perform a lot of preventative procedures such as the removal of callus, corns, plantar warts, and ingrown toenails. This is especially important for people with Diabetes and reduced immunity. We help people’s feet to feel better so they can continue to be mobile. It’s imperative during these next few months that our patients keep active and we are still here to help you with that.

🤢Please note that if you feel unwell, we would appreciate that you cancel/reschedule your appointment. We will be waiving the 24hr cancellation fee until further notice so that we do not get unwell people attending their appointments. Furthermore, in the event, you, or someone you have had contact with is diagnosed with COVID-19 and you have visited our clinic within the past 14 days, we ask that you alert us so that we can take appropriate measures within our community.

😷Whilst we have a well-implemented hygiene policy year-round, in light of recent public health concerns, we have taken extra measures at Brindabella Podiatry/Canberra Ingrown Toenail Clinic. Hand sanitiser (Chlorhexidine) is available at reception for you to use on arrival and completion of your visit. Extra cleaning by staff is also taking place to ensure that high contact areas (doorknobs, benches etc) are disinfected frequently throughout the day. Please note: If you would like to wear a face mask, please feel free as that is your choice but we are not able to provide face masks to you. As you are aware, masks are in short supply and we are not able to treat without them.

🏥It is important to keep up to date with COVID-19 and that we source our information from factual and reputable sources. The best way to do this is via the Department of Health website and their daily HEALTH ALERTS…/novel-coronovirus-2019-ncov-hea…

Your help in keeping everyone safe and healthy is appreciated. If you have any questions or concerns, please chat with one of our staff 62932024.

Kind Regards- Nicole, Director